Main Dishes


Meat dishes 

Baked free-range chicken breast and haunch
with a choice of:
- sweet chilli and coriander sauce
- herb and garlic salsa
14,90 EUR
Nolle- Dish (House specials)
small pork Schnitzel "Viennese Style", momemade meatball, small grilled sausage on sauerkraut served with fried potatoes 
14,90 EUR
Veal grilled steak
with tomatoes, pesto and mozarella, French fries and salad garnish
18.00 EUR
Veal grilled steak
topped with onion-mustard crust, served with baked potato with sour cream and salad garnish
18,00 EUR
South American beef terderloin (200 g) grilled
two kinds of herb butter, potato wedges,
sour cream, mixed side salad
22,50 EUR

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagne
served with toasted sesame seeds
and salad garnish
10,30 EUR
filles with spinach and ricotta julienne vegetables and rocket in a cream sauce
10,30 EUR

Spaghetti dishes

alla carbonara
with strips of ham in an egg and cream sauce, basil and freshly grated parmesan
10,30 EUR
all' arrabbiata
with fried strips of bacon, fresh chilies, tomatoes, onions and freshly grated parmesan
10,50 EUR
alla bolognese
made from pure beef, tomatoes, vegetables and herbs with freshly grated parmesan
10,80 EUR
with strips of chicken breast 
with fresh bell peppers and zucchini in a herb cream sauce and freshly grated parmesan
12,80 EUR


Graved Lax (marinated salmon, served cold)
with a mustard and dill sauce, homemade potato-vegetable röstis and a salad garnish
14,00 EUR
Salmon filet on a vegetable bed
with herb butter cooked en papillote,
young leaf spinach and parsley potatoes
17,00 EUR
Fried Filet of Pike-Perch
with parsley potatoes and cucumber-dill salad
17,00 EUR