Mixed Salad

with grilled chicken breast strips and fresh mushrooms served with house dressing
14,20 EUR

Salad à la Nolle
made with grilled chicken strips and assorted lettuce
served with a baked potato and herb curd-cheese
15,30 EUR
Toasted Pita Bread
filled with your choice of:
cooked ham, Emmental cheese and tomatoes
7,50 EUR
spinach leaves, mozzarella and walnuts
7,50 EUR
feta cheese, tomatoes, rocket and pesto
7,50 EUR
salami, cheese, tomatoes and rocket
7,50 EUR
Baked Potato
filled with your choice of:
homemade herb curd cheese
9,50 EUR
pickled herring in dill-yogurt cream
10,70 EUR
All our baked potato specialties are accompanied by a side salad.
Two fried eggs (sunny-side up)
and fresh crispy bacon served with fresh spinach and sauteéd potatoes
9,00 EUR
Hausmacher Sülze (homemade German aspic)
with remoulade sauce, baked potatoes, salad garnish and gherkin
9,40 EUR
Boulette (homemade German meatball)
served with your choice of:
fried egg (sunny-side up) 
11,00 EUR
fresh mushrooms in a creamy sauce
11,00 EUR
Gypsy Sauce with tomato, bell peppers, onions and crispy strips of bacon
11,00 EUR
as well as a side order of: 
french fries, fried potatoes or parsley potatoes
Berlin Currywurst (grilled sausage with curry powder)
served with fruity tomato sauce, French fries and salad garnish
9,40 EUR
Baked Bavarian meat loaf
served with a fried egg, roast onions and fried potatoes, salad garnish
9,40 EUR
Grilled Thuringian bratwurst
served with onion-thyme sauce, parsley potatoes or fried potatoes and a salad garnish
9,90 EUR
2 grilled veal sausages (100% veal) 
on hearty sauerkraut with sour cream, fried potatoes or parsley potatoes
12,00 EUR