Cream of tomato soup
topped with pesto cream
5,00 EUR
Berlin potato and vegetable soup
with sliced sausage
5,50 EUR
Soup of the day
4,80 EUR


Small Side Salad
with an herb-yogurt dressing
or balsamico vinaigrette
4,90 EUR
Fresh seasonal mixed leaf salad
served with herb-yogurt dressing
or balsamico vinaigrette
6,95 EUR
Rocket salad
served with grated feta cheese and balsamico vinaigrette
7,30 EUR
Chef´s salad
with ham and cheese roulades and hardboiled egg
served with herb-yogurt dressing or balsamico vinaigrette
12,00 EUR
tomatoes and mozzarella marinated in olive oil and vinegar
served with fresh pesto, baguette and salad
9,90 EUR